NOTE: Before opening package remove existing Shift Knob in car and determine the diameter of shift lever. If the diameter is greater than 11/16" this product will not fit!
1. Remove old shift knob from shift lever.
2. Determine diameter of shift lever. This Rally Shift Knob is designed to work with 11/16" diameter lever without the use of adaptors (If lever is not 11/16" diameter see adaptors below).
3. For installation on 11/16" shiftlevers you need to remove adaptor that is already in Shift Knob.
4. Slide down Trim Ring over Shift lever.
5. Press Shift Knob firmly down on Shift Lever until fully seated in desired Position. Once in place, evenly tighten to avoid stripping threads.
6.Install Trim Ring onto Shif Knob securely.
1. Remove old Shift Knob from Shift Lever.
2. Select the adaptor end that fits most snugly on the Shift Lever. NOTE: Two adaptors are provided. One adaptor is in the package and the other is in the shift knob. Each adaptor has different diamensions on eack end (9/32", 3/8" & 7/16", 9/16").
3. Install Trim Ring over Shift Lever. Insert the selected adaptor into the Shift Knob.
4. With adaptor in place, press Shift Knob firmly down on shift lever while turning to create threads in the adaptor until fully seated. (The adaptor is self - tapping.)
5. Once in place, evenly tighten set screws to secure, but do not over tighten to avoid stripping threads.
6. Install Trim Ring onto Shift Knob Securely.
NOTE: On 11/16" shift levers, adaptor in shift knob will need to be removed first. Use adaptor if necessary.